Milo ❤️

I purchased Milo (aka Jasper) October 2023. He was easily potty trained and has always slept through the night in his crate right beside my bed. Milo is full of energy….! But then he can also be very relaxed in the home environment. He is very smart and loving. He loves other people, children, pets……. […]

Beautiful, healthy pups!

We bought one female pup, and went back two days later and my daughter bought one. They are so loving, and calm. David and Larissa were really patient as we struggled picking out a puppy. ( We wanted all of them!!) They answered all of our questions and we did not feel rushed at all. […]


Sweet little Bentley has been a wonderful addition to our family. Such a happy n content furry baby. So glad we were able to adopt him from Paws Fur-ever. Great people!! Friendly and very helpful when I went to pick him up. Wouldn’t hesitate to adopt from them again.

Our Favorite Cookie

When we adopted her in October, she was a little over 4 pounds and was named Marsha. We quickly renamed her “Cookie” and now she is 6 months old and a little over 16 pounds. She has never had any behavior or health issues. She loves to play with her toys, especially the fetch toys, […]

Our little Teddy!

We absolutely love our little Teddy aka Ted. He is such a character and a little too smart at times. He loves to cuddle, is a perfect boy while getting groomed and loves his family (including his 2 golden retriever sisters). We have 5 acres that has invisible fence and he learned real fast what […]

Little Lucy is awesome!

We adopted our little Lucy (Reba) in August 2021 and she’s been a great puppy and fun addition to our family. She’s fit right in and has taken over for sure! She’s extremely sweet, affectionate and smart and loves to be the center of our attention always! Great job starting these puppies out right, she’s […]

Unbelievable Puppy

We adopted Toby, and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing this puppy is. I was preparing myself for the sleepless nights, the clean up, all the puppy things you work through because the end result is worth it..only Larissa and her husband have already done that part. I don’t know how they […]

She’s the best!

We adopted Mabel (aka Missy) in October. The process was excellent and easy. We took a chance not seeing her before the adoption but, we we were not disappointed. She is very intelligent and an amazing little girl and we couldn’t be happier.

Beautiful and Healthy Pups

We have adopted several mini Goldendoodles for our service dog and family pet training academy. They have always been healthy, well-socialized, and have wonderful personalities. We greatly appreciate the professionalism and great service provided by the Swartzentruber family.