Wonderful pups!

Extremely pleased with the mini goldendoodles we’ve purchased. They are beautiful and smart. Thank you so much!

Mary Davies

Unbelievable Puppy

We adopted Toby, and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing this puppy is. I was preparing myself for the sleepless nights, the clean up, all the puppy things you work through because the end result is worth it..only Larissa and her husband have already done that part. I don’t know how they did it, but they have. I get to enjoy every second of my puppy! I have never seen a puppy that had this much time put into him. A puppy that was dynamite from the start? I would have never believed it had I not experienced it for myself. Thank you for giving Toby (who is now called Moogie Boone) the best start possible. I absolutely love him ❤

Dori Gordon

Adopting Milly

Larissa was absolutely wonderful to work with in the process of adopting Milly. I appreciate the attention taken to ensure Milly was going to be placed in a “fur-ever” loving home.

Kris Olson

Love them!

Not only are your pups beautiful, but they are happy, healthy and well socialized. The whole package!

Katie Williams

Little Lucy is awesome!

We adopted our little Lucy (Reba) in August 2021 and she’s been a great puppy and fun addition to our family. She’s fit right in and has taken over for sure! She’s extremely sweet, affectionate and smart and loves to be the center of our attention always! Great job starting these puppies out right, she’s very much loved!

Tony & Joey Carter family

Beautiful and Healthy Pups

We have adopted several mini Goldendoodles for our service dog and family pet training academy. They have always been healthy, well-socialized, and have wonderful personalities. We greatly appreciate the professionalism and great service provided by the Swartzentruber family.

Katie Williams

She’s the best!

We adopted Mabel (aka Missy) in October. The process was excellent and easy. We took a chance not seeing her before the adoption but, we we were not disappointed. She is very intelligent and an amazing little girl and we couldn’t be happier.

Bob & Penny Tucker
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